Multinational execs saddle up for Qingdao summit

By Hu Qing | ( | 2022-06-17

Top executives of multinationals based in Qingdao, Shandong province are gearing up for the upcoming Qingdao Multinationals Summit to enhance communications with government officials and their peers in a bid to help further their businesses.

The third Qingdao Multinationals Summit will be held in Qingdao from June 20 to 21, the Ministry of Commerce announced on June 8. Approved by the State Council, the event, which is co-hosted by the Ministry of Commerce and the Shandong provincial government, will be held both online and offline.

Hao Jian, senior vice-president of Hexagon Greater China, will attend the summit for the third time. In a media interview on June 16, he said that the event is especially for multinationals, so it is a great chance for multinational executives to network.

"I also would like to hear what government officials will say during the summit to deepen my understanding of relevant policies," said Hao, who is also the executive president of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Greater China, which headquartered in Qingdao.

Hexagon is a global leader in digital reality solutions and Hexagon's Manufacturing Intelligence division provides solutions that use data from design and engineering, production and metrology to make manufacturing smarter, according to the company's official website.

He spoke highly of improving the business environment in China as well as in Qingdao.

"Recent years saw a boom in the capital market in Qingdao, which provides favorable conditions for businesses," he said.

Hao hoped more attractive policies for talents would be introduced in Qingdao.

High-end talents are essential for high-quality development, Hao added.

Ahn Myung-sik, general manager of Qingdao Nongshim Foods Co shared the similar views with Hao. Ahn said that human resources talents are the most important for a company's competitiveness and he hopes governments will support enterprise recruitment in terms of policies.

Nongshim is an instant-noodle maker and it established its Qingdao plant in 1996, according to the company's official website.

Also a participant for the summit, he wants to learn about Qingdao's future development plan to help guide his company's development strategy.

Furthermore, he said the summit serves as a platform to discuss solutions for complex globalization issues.

Van Svetlana runs a trade company called Golden Rus in the China-SCO Local Economic and Trade Cooperation Demonstration Area in Jiaozhou, a county-level city in Qingdao. She is expected to attend the summit for the first time.

"We have been in communication with Russian institutions and associations in order to find Chinese partners during the summit," Svetlana said.


Robotic equipment for automobile manufacturing is displayed at an exhibition hall at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence (Qingdao) Co. [Photo by Hu Qing/]


Van Svetlana introduces Russian goods at her store Golden Rus in Jiaozhou, a county-level city in Qingdao, Shandong province on June 16, 2022. [Photo by Hu Qing/]


Instant-noodle-related products are displayed at an exhibition hall in Qingdao Nongshim Foods Co. [Photo by Hu Qing/]