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Laoshan district improves urban quality

( | 2022-05-27

Laoshan district in Qingdao, Shandong province has ramped efforts to promote urban renewal and regeneration by improving the transportation infrastructure, public spaces, businesses, housing and civic facilities.


An aerial view of Xiaomai Island after renovation in Laoshan district, Qingdao [Photo/Shandong News]

Xiaomai Island, which used to be a barren and untraversed island in Laoshan, now has become a popular tourism destination thanks to the local government's renovation efforts.

The island, now filled with literature and art resources, regularly hosts mini open-air concerts, cultural fairs and other activities, attracting many visitors, especially young people.

The beautiful transmutation of Xiaomai Island is a concrete and small epitome of Laoshan district's urban renewal and regeneration efforts, according to local officials.

Laoshan is promoting the construction of pocket parks across the district to enhance the local living environment and offer more green space to local residents.

A pocket park is a small area of natural, semi-natural or planted space set aside for green recreation.

Sculptures, cultural demonstration walls, exercise equipment and playground structures have been added to the parks that are built nearby communities.

Making full use of mountains, the sea, the island, bays and other natural landscapes and excellent cultural resources, Laoshan aims to build a comfortable and friendly urban ecological space with local characteristics.


Laoshan district aims to build a comfortable and friendly urban ecological space with local characteristics. [Photo/Shandong News]

This year, Laoshan will build 10 pocket parks, five three-dimensional greening spaces, four shady tree corridors, and one coastal park, so that local residents can have easy access to green spaces.

The district will also implement a series of projects to improve people's well-being, such as renovating old residential areas and building parking facilities. The district is also aiming to increase local people's sense of accomplishment, happiness and security, according to local officials.