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Laoshan invests heavily to attract more talents

( | 2022-05-18

Laoshan district, one of the most vibrant areas in Qingdao, has been pooling efforts to implement the strategy of developing a quality workforce in the new era and to accelerate the work to build the district into a global center of professional talents and innovation.


Jinjialing Financial District in Laoshan [Photo/Qingdao Daily] 

Laoshan launched 40 specific measures on May 16 to build the district into a high-caliber talent hub and attract global talents, providing training courses and services for talents and give full financial support.

A full range of services, including housing, medical care and children's education, have been set up to optimize the ecology of talent development in Laoshan.

It will allocate at least 100 million yuan ($14.82 million) of talent development funds every year for the implementation of various policies and benefits such as talent introduction and cultivation, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Laoshan has formulated precise and generous subsidy and reward policies for top talents. For example, a living allowance of 5 million yuan will be given to top talents, such as Chinese Academy of Sciences' academicians and Nobel Prize winners, who are newly recruited on a full-time basis.

Local enterprises will be given a special subsidy of up to 5 million yuan for each of the leading professionals they introduce or cultivate.


A tourism resort in Laoshan [Photo/Qingdao Daily]

For three years, outstanding fresh graduates with a doctoral or master's degree from a full-time university can get a housing subsidy of 1,200 yuan and 800 yuan, respectively, per month from the Qingdao government. On this basis, the Laoshan district will offer them with an annual living subsidy of 5,000 yuan and 3,000 yuan, respectively, for three years.

Additionally, efforts will be made to further institutional change relating to talent development and to encourage the scientific spirit. Laoshan will continue to foster an environment where people with potential can be easily identified, valued, and respected, and can fully demonstrate their abilities.