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Qingdao AI Computing Center starts construction

( | 2022-05-16

The Qingdao Artificial Intelligence Computing Center started construction on May 15 in Laoshan district, Qingdao.

With an investment of 390 million yuan ($57.56 million), the center boasts the first artificial intelligence computing center in Shandong province. It will provide powerful intelligent computing power to support the development of the artificial intelligence industry and give a boost to the regional digital economy.


The Qingdao Artificial Intelligence Computing Center holds its opening ceremony on May 15. [Photo/Qingdao Daily]

The center, which was created in collaboration with the Laoshan district government, Huawei, and a local high-tech company, is dedicated to creating an ecological platform that integrates public computing services, industrial convergence and development, and scientific and creative talent training.

Also unveiled was the Qingdao Artificial Intelligence Ecological Innovation Center.

Artificial intelligence is a major driver of the latest generation of scientific and technological revolutions, as well as industrial transformation. Qingdao has vigorously supported the development of the artificial intelligence industry in recent years, attracting a lot of industry leaders. The city was chosen as one of the first artificial intelligence innovation and application pilot zones in the country.


The eastern coastal city of Qingdao [Photo/VCG]

Laoshan, one of the most vibrant areas in Qingdao, has been promoting its innovation-driven strategy while highlighting the development of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, microelectronics, big data cloud computing and other new generation information technology industries. The district is building an artificial intelligence industrial park that spans an area of 180 hectares.