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Shinan turns shabby factories into garden-like office buildings

( | 2022-05-06

Shabby factories in Shinan district, Qingdao have been renovated into creative modern office building clusters, as part of Qingdao's three-year city construction work plan, Guanhai News reported.

One of such clusters, which is located at No 109 Yan'ansan Road, opened last year. Its fashionable design and garden-like environment have attracted more than 100 companies to settle in the cluster, with more than 80 percent of its offices already occupied.

"The industrial park is low-density, so there is no need to line up and cram into the elevator," said a medical professional surnamed Wang.

Wang added that the industrial park is near Zhiquanlu Station on Metro Line 2 and it also has complete supporting facilities including convenience stores, restaurants, cafes and parking lots.

According to one of the heads of the investment attraction department from the park's administrative office, the cluster boasts a good foundation for the health industry, with a cluster of beauty and eye hospitals taking shape in the area.

With more than 10 million yuan ($1.5 million) in equipment investment, Keen Dental Hospital has relocated its regional headquarters, research and development center, and a training center to the park, which will attract more small and medium-sized enterprises and enrich the area's industrial ecology, he added. 

The industrial park also installed a variety of outdoor features, such as roly-poly chairs and an amphitheater, to provide a place for people to rest and participate in various activities.