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Qingdao Port sees new progress in quay crane control system

( | 2021-09-23

0923-山港_副本.jpgSPG's "one-to-many" control system for automated bridge cranes is successfully launched and passes testing. [Photo/WeChat account: Shandong-Port]

Self-developed by the Liangang Innovation Team of Qingdao Port, the worldwide first one-to-many control system for automated bridge crane has been successfully launched and passed testing, marking a revolutionary breakthrough made by Shandong Port Group, or SPG, in the field of remote crane control for automated terminals.

According to industry insiders, among today's automated container terminals, all of the remote control of automated quay cranes involves "one-to-one" control systems, which means that one crane operator can only control one quay crane at a time.

During the automated handling operations, most of the handling work is completed while meeting high quality and safety standards. This means that continuous human observation is not necessarily needed, with only a few key links requiring human observation. In this sense, the 'one-to-one' crane control system may result in a waste of human resources.

The system has completely changed the traditional "one-to-one" control system for automated quayside cranes worldwide. It has enabled operators to remotely control and observe any quay cranes in the container yard with only one control desk, which improves handling efficiency and the utilization of personnel simultaneously. Such a system can reduce the number of operators needed by over 70 percent, thus realizing improvement in both efficiency and effectiveness.