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Qingdao Agricultural University Pingdu campus nears completion

( | 2021-04-21

The Pingdu campus of Qingdao Agricultural University is nearing completion, a local media outlet reported recently.


The Pingdu campus of Qingdao Agricultural University [Photo/WeChat account: qdfbwx]

The new campus, which is equipped with first-rate buildings with high-tech facilities, can accommodate about 10,000 students.

There are 18 student apartments on the campus, which are designed according to the standard of one room for every four people. Each room is equipped with a private bathroom and an air conditioner, while each floor is equipped with a water dispenser, washing machine, dryer, and shoe washer.

Each apartment is a community, with a mix of group rooms, psychological counseling rooms, and meeting rooms. To ensure students' safety, a facial recognition system has been installed at the entrance of the apartment and only students from the building are allowed to enter.


The library at the Pingdu campus of Qingdao Agricultural University [Photo/]

At present, four public teaching buildings, with 14,000 seats available, are being constructed, with smart multimedia facilities installed. Classrooms are also equipped with a facial recognition system, which can be used to clock in.

The campus library has eight floors and 40,000 square meters in total.

The campus is also equipped with a high-standard stadium, swimming pool, and gymnasium. The gymnasium is built according to NBA standards. It has a fully functional and well-equipped activity center, as well as an innovation and entrepreneurship center, which can fully meet the needs of students for academic exchanges, cultural activities, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

In addition, multi-disciplinary laboratories, Qilu Agricultural History Museum, two restaurants, and other facilities are also available.

The campus also has an experimental field for scientific research spanning 67 hectares, which will contribute to modern agriculture development in Pingdu.


Workers build the floor for the campus' high-standard stadium. [Photo/]