Lingshanwei subdistrict improves business environment

( | 2021-02-25

Lingshanwei subdistrict in the Qingdao West Coast New Area has been ramping up efforts to improve its local business environment and fuel high-quality development in recent years, according to local authorities.

According to official statistics, last year, the region's general public budget revenue totaled 1.64 billion yuan ($253.73 million), a year-on-year increase of 26.11 percent, while its tax revenue reached 1.6 billion yuan, up 26.44 percent, and investment in fixed assets amounted to 3.12 billion yuan.


The beautiful scenery of Lingshan Bay in Lingshanwei subdistrict [Photo provided to]

The e-commerce headquarters of China's agricultural conglomerate Beidahuang Group is a key project being carried out in Lingshanwei and is expected to become a new landmark of the region's Dongyue Road business area.

"Through the online investment platform launched by Lingshanwei, we found that there is a high quality business and investment environment and considerate and efficient services, all of which are very appealing to us," said a senior manager from Beidahuang Group's e-commerce branch.

Lingshanwei's online investment platform, highlighting the local business environment, investment policies, industrial foundation, and more, offers investors a comprehensive understanding of the region's strength and development potential.  


Lingshanwei subdistrict in Qingdao West Coast New Area boasts a vibrant economy. [Photo provided to]

"From project site selection to design planning to approvals for construction land, Lingshanwei offered us a lot of support and professional and attentive services," said a project manager from Modern Land (China) Co.

Lingshanwei has also established special government service teams to support construction projects and ensure a smooth process. Companies can raise issues with officials during regular onsite visits, and all relevant government departments are required to provide feedback.

Last year, authorities helped enterprises in the region solve more than 200 issues and brought in 18 major projects.