Cross-border e-commerce industrial park boosts local development

( | 2021-02-05

The Qingdao-SCO Cross-border E-commerce Industrial Park, located at No 177 Guhe Street, Ligezhuang town, Jiaozhou, has developed rapidly since its establishment last August.

The industrial park has attracted 81 enterprises engaged in Ligezhuang's three major industries -- wigs, hats, and ornaments.


A woman works on a production line at a workshop in the Qingdao-SCO Cross-border E-commerce Industrial Park. [Photo by Xi Fuchun/]

The industrial park is located within the China-Shanghai Cooperation Organization Demonstration Zone for Local Economic and Trade Cooperation in Jiaozhou and has an overall export value of more than $54 million.

Wigs are the largest industry in Ligezhuang, with a history of more than 30 years, and the town is known around the world for its wigs. More than 90 percent of its products are sold overseas.

Cross-border e-commerce has become the main sales channel for the town's hair product enterprises.

"After moving into the cross-border e-commerce industrial park, I've met more like-minded peers, achieved cooperation with more supply chain partners, and become more confident when receiving large orders from overseas," said Lu Yawen, who works at a local wig company.

"The wig industry was hit hard by the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, as raw materials were in short supply and prices were rising," said Lu, adding that the establishment of the e-commerce industrial park gave her confidence that her company would survive the difficult times and be able to expand trade.

"The industrial park often organizes training sessions related to cross-border e-commerce, and the cost of overseas promotion has been halved. The local government also offers inspection, certification, and transportation services, saving us both time and manpower," said Lu.