COSMOPlat empowers more companies, industries

( | 2020-06-12

Haier COSMOPlat is an industrial internet platform that incorporates the entire factory process and supply chain, including interaction, R&D, and procurement, to better serve individual customers.

COSMOPlat is expected to have a profound impact on industries as diverse as ceramics, agriculture, motorhome manufacturing, molds, and machinery.


Haier displays its smart manufacturing technology during a show in Qingdao. [Photo/CHINA DAILY]

Dianyunmiyu is a honey producer based in Yunnan province.

According to the company, honey quality varies based on the source of nectar. Different standards of honey collection and production management, consumer doubts about the authenticity and quality of honey, and low trust in honey products have been common problems plaguing the industry.

These problems can now be solved through the industrial internet platform.

"Haiyouhe", an agricultural arm of COSMOPlat, has signed an agreement with Dianyunmiyu to build a honey internet of things digital management center that can monitor the environmental quality of honey sources and track and control the entire industrial chain.

The platform can gather information on nectar sources, beehive locations, and honey quality, as well as trace the origins of products.

It can also carry out flowering predictions, disaster warnings, and output predictions based on analysis of meteorological data and control the entire production process of honey products.

According to Dianyunmiyu, the platform increased their efficiency in bee management by 20 percent and reduced losses by 14 percent.

In 2019, the first year of cooperation, the platform benefited 7,566 beekeepers and increased their household income by an average of 4,716 yuan ($665.87).

"COSMOPlat will empower more companies and industries to boost productivity, reduce costs, and reap more fruitful rewards," said a senior manager from Haier Group.