Tsingtao Brewery starts construction on projects costing 1b yuan

( | 2020-03-11

Tsingtao, a Chinese brewery giant, has begun work on this year's key construction projects in Pingdu city, Shibei district, and West Coast New Area in Qingdao, Shandong province on March 10. The projects will cost a total of one billion yuan ($144 million).

The brewery will build a smart industrial park in Pingdu, which will include facilities such as a smart logistics center, customized production platforms, a package printing factory, and yeast processing plants.


Tsingtao Brewery will build a smart industrial park in Pingdu. The commencement ceremony was held on March 10. [Photo provided to]

"Wheat making, brewing, filling, personalized packaging design, production, logistics, and yeast deep processing will all be able to be completed in the Pingdu smart industrial park in the near future," said Liu Deli, manager of Tsingtao's brewery in Pingdu.

Its brewery in Pingdu will become the largest beer industrial center in Asia after its expansion is completed in June.

"Plants can obtain orders online directly, and can choose to carry out mass production or customized production according to customer demand," Liu added.


Tsingtao begins upgrading and expanding its intelligent manufacturing demonstration plant in Shibei district. [Photo provided to]

The company's intelligent manufacturing demonstration plant in Shibei district will also be expanded and upgraded.

"The plant will be equipped with a world-class intelligent production line, intelligent packaging line, centralized control system, monitoring system, and automatic warehouse," said Meng Qingshang, manager of Tsingtao's brewery in Shibei.

"This will greatly improve production, warehousing, and logistical efficiency."


A rendering of Tsingtao's tourism project in West Coast New Area [Photo provided to]

Tsingtao will also develop a tourist destination in West Coast New Area, which will produce and sell craft beer while also offering accommodation, dining, recreational activities, and beer displays for tourists.

"We will continue to deepen the integration of advanced manufacturing and the modern service sector to accelerate the pluralistic development of Tsingtao," said Huang Kexing, president of Tsingtao Brewery.