Tsingtao Beer fashion dazzles intl stage

( | 2019-02-20

Tsingtao Beer showcased its fashion style by demonstrating its fashion clothing and items at the China Day of New York Fashion Week (NYFW) in New York on Feb 14, becoming the first beer brand to attend the event.

NYWF, one of the four major global fashion weeks, enjoys a long history of 76 years, being a popular stage for internationally renowned brands to showcase their latest designs.

The China Day of this year was themed on "Youth Made China" and expected to reveal the fashion culture of Chinese youth. The products brought by the brands that can represent Chinese youth culture were showcased on the stage arousing the attention of fashion culture authorities and top Medias.

Tsingtao Beer is a time-honored brand founded in 1903. To integrate its historical elements with the latest fashion trend, the brand cooperated with New Product Center (NPC) to design exclusive items and clothing for the show. The showcased products demonstrated its long history as well as catered to Chinese youth's pursuit for personality and quality.   

Nic Li, founder of NPC, explained that the reason for him to cooperate with Tsingtao Beer was for the brand's pursuit for quality for more one hundred years since it was founded. 

"The brand has always been my favorite beer brand, and I hope the cooperation will combine the classic with the fashion and create more fashion experience for people," said Li.

"Crossover is a combination of brand's culture and spirit rather than simply piling up elements. Tsingtao Beer is very successful in this regard," said Fang Tao, CEO of Stuntchi -- sponsor of the China Day. 

Brooker is a fashion insider from Miami. He showed great interest in Tsingtao Beer clothing. 

"It is common to drink Tsingtao Beer in Miami. I like Chinese culture very much and hope to go there someday. The Tsingtao Beer show was extremely interesting. The elements of beer and Chinese characters are very impressive. It must be very cool to wear a suit like that," said Brooker.

The brand also joined hands with Alibaba's business-tocustomer site Tmall so that customers could buy the fashion clothing showcased at the event online.


A giant billboard promoting Tsingtao Beer is seen during the New York Fashion Week in New York. [Photo provided to] 


A model presents clothing integrating Tsingtao Beer's historical elements with the latest fashion trend during the New York Fashion Week. [Photo provided to]  


A model presents Tsingtao Beer fashion items as well as its beer products during the New York Fashion Week. [Photo provided to]