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High school in China

( | 2018-03-16

High school in China has different types of program for international students. There are programs for 1) students who plan to learn Chinese language in China; 2) students who plan to apply to universities in China and 3) students who want to study in English taught high school programs.

International students should choose to study in local Chinese high school for learning Chinese language or preparing for admission to universities in China. Students enroll in local high schools are able to spend more time with local Chinese students and participate in more local student’s activities. There are programs designed for foreign students who have not learned Chinese language before. Students will take courses such as Chinese language, English, Mathematics and other Chinese cultural courses.

Students can also better prepare for the HSK test, which is required for university admission in China. In addition, there are entrance exams for foreign students when applying to top universities in China. Students are required to take subjects like Mathematics which test papers are written in Chinese. (For details, please visit - Preparing for Chinese-taught Bachelor Degree Program Admission)

For English taught high school programs, foreign students can study in International Baccalaureate (IB) programs or international schools in China.

Under Chinese education law and regulations, it is required for foreign student who are under the age of 18 to have legal guardian while they are studying in high school in China.