Service outsourcing


Qingdao has 167 service outsourcing companies registered, employing around 30,000 university grads, with seven outsourcing companies that altogether reached over $10 million, including Lucent Technologies, Caterpillar, Qingdao Risong, and Unihub.

The city's Preferential Policy on Developing Service Outsourcing in Qingdao came out in 2008, to provide financial support for the service-outsourcing sector in authentication globally and bring in talented people and develop markets and locomotives. 

The Supplemental Policy on Service Outsourcing came out the following year to provide financial incentives to pay income and business taxes. It put more than 40 million yuan into the development of service outsourcing, a major force behind service outsourcing industrial development in the city. 


The municipal government signed an agreement with seven universities in the city, including the Ocean University of China and Shandong University of Science and Technology and it plans to provide 1 million yuan annual to help develop college curriculums and train mid- to top-level service outsourcing personnel.

It is also cooperating with such companies as IBM, Microsoft, HP, and India SEED and is cooperating with other schools and enterprises, e.g. Donghe Information and Haier software, to develop curricula that suit outsourcing company needs. The city has 23 service outsourcing trainers, four of them at the province level providing crucial service outsourcing personnel, and 19 of which can train more than 10,000 people annually. 

Park construction

The city has a number of service outsourcing parks, with a total area of 1 million square meters, and more than 500 companies, for example the Shinan Software Park, Animation Creation Industrial Base, Zhonglian 2.5 Creation Park, and Yiqing Scientific Park. Shinan Park is more than 90 percent occupied, while construction work continues on Dongyuan Software Park, Julin Mountain Service Outsourcing Base, Aoshan Service Outsourcing Park and Yaxi Information Industrial Park. 

Major service outsourcing parks 

Qingdao Software Park

This is situated in central Qingdao, in a beautiful environment with convenient transportation, on a 400,000-sq-m piece of land, more than 200,000 sq-m of which is being used.

It is home to nearly 200 prominent enterprises from China and abroad, including Yongyou, Kingdee, Resource Pro (RSP), the Gordon Institute of TAFE, Canada-funded Synre, Korea-funded NHN, Japan-funded NE, Softbrain, and T.R.E.

The park has established a support site for a design site for integrated circuitry, support site for digital animation, a training service, and outsourcing IT service and provides ITO/BPO outsourcing, personnel training, technical assistance and international communications for companies. 

Qingdao International Animation & Game Industrial Park

The park has Qingdao government approval and is an international park operated by talented personnel from the Zhongguancun Technology Zone in Beijing and is one of six industrial bases for national animation and creation backed by China’s General Press and Publication Administration.

It is referred to as a "Software park in the forest and research center in the valley", thanks to its environment and beauty, and the fact that it is a "creation valley" in a very busy city. It follows international standards, with a Q-park on 100,000 sq-m of land, a construction area of 116,000 sq-m, and a greenery rate of 45 percent. It also follows an "open, cooperative, and winning" concept closely related to R&D and market demands through a good industrial value chain. 

Qingdao Software Park High-tech Park

This is located at 169 Songling Rd and is part of the Science and Technology Ministry's torch plan for industrial software bases, of June 2002, and was established by the Laoshan district's Software Industry Base and Technology Building and Software R&D Center, with a "One park with several functions" approach on 240,000 sq-m of ground. It has the Luncent R&D Center, Caterpillar R&D Center, Shandong Neusoft, and Lingdian Electronic Development. Its second phase calls for 450,000 sq-m with a software R&D zone, IT auxiliary production zone, and a leisure zone. 

Zhonglian U Valley 2.5 Industrial Park

This is located in the center of the Shibei district on 33,333 sq-m of land with a total construction area of more than 60,000 sq-m. The creation industry is the main business, with a "2.5 Industrial + cultural creation park" demonstration area where high-tech, intelligent, added-value companies such as Designmoma, Qingdao Jialian New Chemical Materials, Shengtang Movie and TV, Runo Electronics, B & BIO Biotechnology, Tangbo Garments, Yilei Textile, and Runxing Photo Electricity have settled.

Qingdao Julin Montain Outsourcing Industrial Base 

This is located in the very center of Qingdao with a planned area that extends to Yan'an Yi St to the east and south, Taiqing St to the west, and Julinshan City and south Beishi to the north, on about 1 square kilometer of land. It focuses on business process outsourcing (BPO), information technology outsourcing (ITO) and knowledge process outsourcing (KPO), and providing support facilities such as large parking lots, restaurants, entertainment canters, communication, shopping, and gyms, while integrating the outsourcing business with living. Its concept is business-oriented, garden-ecology and environmental protection and commerce, living and leisure as support items for developing a complex service outsourcing park.