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Standardized work report of Qingdao Sanli Group

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Qingdao Sanli Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992 and has evolved into four zones comprising more than 10 branch companies. Its headquarters cover 133 hectares and the company employs more than 3000 people. It is a high-tech enterprise manufacturing non-negative pressure water supply equipment.

As a leader of the water supply industry in China, its products are widely used in buildings' water supply and drainage systems, booster pump stations, water plant automation, direct drinking water systems, heating and ventilation, pollution discharge, fire water supply and monitoring os firefighting equipment.

1.The leadership of Qingdao Sanli Group in the industry

Qingdao Sanli invented the non-negative pressure water supply technique and changed China's traditional methods of water supply, opening a new era of environmental, energy-saving and safe water supply. It was recorded on China's technical archives in 2009, the year of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.

It formulated both the industry and national standards for non-negative pressure water supply equipment. The technical subcommittee of national non-negative pressure standardization was set up in the company. It owns more than 4,000 technical patents and has developed eight new key national products.

It has developed and reserved nine generations of new technologies and products. The water pump and intelligent motor developed and manufactured by the company are superior to internationally renowned brands in quality, level and comprehensive technical indices. Its production value and market share have always ranked first in the industry.

2.Qingdao Sanli Group's market competitiveness

The exclusive provider of water supply equipment to the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games;

Supplying water for China's biggest residential community orchard — Guizhou Flower Orchard;

Supplying water for China's biggest booster pump station — Qinhuangdao 100,000 ton pumping station;

Supplying water for China's second-tallest building — Guangzhou West Tower;

Sanli water supply equipment's clients include the State Council, National Government Offices Administration, Great Hall of the People, Yuquanshan residential community, national television station CCTV, People's Daily, Great Wall Hotel, Kunlun Hotel and many major national projects.

3.Briefing on standardized work

Qingdao Sanli Group has always pursued science and technology-oriented development, and improved the brand's quality by standardization. It carries out standardization, routinization, normalization and scientification, which are requirements for management put forward by the company's president. Sanli has strict standardized management for its products' technical innovation, manufacturing, processing and after-sales service, ensuring its products are advanced in technology, unique in technique, exquisite in workmanship and perfect in details.

Standardized management

Sanli has a standardization management office responsible for the construction and implementation of its standardized practices. Over 20 years, the office has developed a standard management system that suits the company's operations. The office compiled it into four management handbooks, greatly promoting the standardization and precision of the company's management.

Standardized work

For a long time, Sanli has standardized methods before starting a project. To further carry out management requirements, every department, post and work project has related work flow and guidance that are issued as documents. It has formulated thousands of standardized documents which are learned and carried out in different departments to ensure each post and item of work can be strictly implemented according to the appropriate standards. Through such standardized work, the company's quality control and brand building can be effectively carried out.

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