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Photographer's nostalgia for Qingdao

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Updated: 2016-12-21

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How will you remember the beloved city when you have to leave?

Lin Xiaomu, an amateur photographer, completed his master's degree in Qingdao in 2015, and had to say goodbye to the city he loved for further study elsewhere.

During his two-year stay, Lin traipsed all over the eastern coastal city and captured the beauty of its charm in more than 90,000 photographs.

While looking at Lin's photos, one easily feels his nostalgia and love for Qingdao.

Photographer's nostalgia for Qingdao

A photo taken on Dec 13, 2014 shows picturesque Tuandao Island as a backdrop to birds on the sea. [Photo by Lin Xiaomu/dailyqd.com]

Photographer's nostalgia for Qingdao

This image shows the sunrise on Dec 13, 2014 at the Little Qingdao Isle, a symbol of Qingdao with its old German lighthouse and Taoist temples on Laoshan Mountain offering spectacular views. [Photo by Lin Xiaomu/dailyqd.com]

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