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Qingdao crew for Clipper Race opens recruitment

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Updated: 2016-12-13

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As the host port and a team partner of the 2017-18 and 2019-20 Clipper Race, China's sailing city,Qingdao, has officially launched a recruitment campaign for crew members and participates of next year's race.

Jointly organized by the Qingdao government, the organizing committee for the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race, the Qingdao Sports Bureau and the Qingdao Major International Sailing Events (Festivals) Organizing Committee, the selection trials are set to take place in January 2017.

According to specifications released on the official website of Qingdao Sailing City (http://www.qdsailing.org/node/node_29612.htm), the call for applicants extends to Chinese nationals around the globe,and entrants are expected to sign up online between Nov 21 to Dec 20.

The trial is scheduled during early 2017 with the goal of selecting 14 Chinese ambassadors to represent China's sailing capital, Qingdao.

The first round of trials is set to be a written test in English, with subjects covering common knowledge, politics, sailing knowledge and marine safety, followed by a judging panel's interview in the English language.

In addition to strong English language skills in speaking and writing, applicants also require a hardy constitution and good adaptability.Therefore, a swimming and running test has been organized for the second round of trials.

In the final round, applicants will need to demonstrate their teamwork and improvisational skills and the ability to work under difficult and extreme conditions, as they undertake relevant sail training before the last trial.

The 14 ambassadors will be designated as the major force of the Qingdao crew, and will undergo official Clipper Race training in the UK after three rounds of intense selection.

They will officially earn their places among the Qingdao team on completion of the training program in Britain, with two of them stepping aboard during each of the eight legs in the Clipper 2017-18 Race.

David Cusworth,the Clipper Race Crew Recruitment Manager,said that the successful candidates will join a team which includes people of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities. During this unique endurance challenge they will learn to live and work together in challenging yet rewarding situations whilst racing the world's oceans representing Qingdao.

"I can't wait to meet the candidates during the four-day program to determine who will join the Qingdao team for the 2017-18 Race."

More than 40 ambassadors have had the opportunity to take part in the race so far, with Qingdao proud to have been a host port and team partner for six consecutive racesand also extending its partnership to the 2019-20 Race.

Ji Gaoshang, general director of the Qingdao Sports Bureau, said that the Qingdao ambassador crew recruitment for the 2017-18 Clipper Race is a big event. He hopes that more brave hearts will join in the big Clipper Race family and become one of the Qingdao crew.

"In 2005 Qingdao first sponsored the Clipper Race, the world's largest non-professional sailing event, and has continued the partnership for six consecutive races expanding 12 years.The partnership has contributed much to Qingdao's global promotion, not only as China's but also Asia's leading location for international sailing events. Now Qingdao has had the privilege of being the sole host port city in history with 8 consecutive races, and is set to make more in the future.

"My friends, you're just one step away from an ocean adventure. If you have a dream for ocean sailing, then we're offering you an opportunity to make it come true! Sign up to join the Qingdao team.Let's sail with our hearts to success!"

The next Clipper Race will leave the UK in late August 2017 and arrive in Qingdao in March 2018.

Qingdao crew for Clipper Race opens recruitment

A photo of the Qingdao Yacht taken during the 2015-16 Clipper Race. [Photo/qdsailing.org]

Qingdao crew for Clipper Race opens recruitment

Yachts line up at the Olympic Marina in Qingdao prior to the start ofthe 10th leg of the 2013-14 Clipper Race on March 18, 2014. [Photo/IC]