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Haier in Vietnam

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Located in Biên Hòa, Dong Nai province, AQUA Vietnam Electrical Appliance Company (AEV) is one of Haier's production bases in Southeast Asia, featuring marketing, R&D and manufacturing of household appliances.

As a part of its overseas development strategy, Haier took over Sanyo Ha Asean Co. (SHA) in April, 2012 and renamed it AEV.

AEV's Vietnam site covers an area of 770,000 square meters with 2,000 workers producing refrigerators and washing machines. Besides satisfying Vietnamese domestic demands, the company also exports its products to other countries and regions such as Japan, Indonesia, Thailand and the Middle East.

Since the acquisition, Haier has upgraded its products and researched the local and overseas markets to learn more about consumer habits and demands.

The refrigerators manufactured on site are made to suit Vietnamese demand, with small, medium and high-end refrigerators earning a 33 percent market share. AEV's range of TVs, such as double waves, inclined drums, ultrasound and DD sell well in the country with a 34 percent market share. The company also imports air-conditioners and other household appliances to meet local demand.

AEV's current core aim is to be able to compete with the more established Japanese and Korean brands throughout the ASEAN market.

In terms of corporate values, AEV advocates communication, integration and cooperation between different cultures, which has contributed to the company's outstanding achievements in production and management.

Besides business development, AEV also promotes social responsibility and public welfare initiatives, such as raising donations for local typhoon-hit areas, donating electrical goods to Vietnam War veterans and making charitable contributions towards child care.