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Jiaozhou Bay Tunnel to be finished

Updated: 2011-01-05

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Jiaozhou Bay Tunnel to be finished

A cross-harbor tunnel connecting Huangdao in the south and Tuandao in the north is currently under construction in Qingdao, Shandong province.

The tunnel is 7,800 meters long, including a 3950-meter section passing through the Jiaozhou Bay. It is designed for six lanes of two-way traffic, allowing maximum speeds of 80 kilometer per hour.

Begun in December 2006, the tunnel is now approaching completion.

The route itself was completed on April 2010, and workers are currently busy decorating the tunnel walls and installing LED lights.

"The tunnel walls will look beautiful under the lights, just like driving under the sea,” workers said.

They also noted that drivers would be able to cross the harbor in five minutes after the completion of the project in May this year.

The tunnel is to play an important role in forming a traffic circle connecting the city’s downtown and development zones, said Qiu Weifang, director general of the city’s Public Transport Group.

By Hao Nan, Audrey and Natalie Thomas