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Former site of Mount Qingdao BatteryFort

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Former site of Mount Qingdao BatteryFort

State Class AAA Tourist Resort, Key Cultural Spots, Shandong Education Center on Patriotism and National Defense. Entry of the following two facilities are charged:

The former German underground fortification was constructed in 1899, consisting of three sections, the South Emplacement, North Emplacement and Underground Headquarters, of which German troops were proud. In 1914, a battle between Japanese and German troops broke out and eventually German troops surrendered. Before withdrawing, German troops destroyed both the South and North Emplacements. The underground headquarters covers a total area of 2,000 square meters and has 42 rooms, mostly of 3 floors with a few 5 floors. On the top of the construction there is a cast-iron lookout tower and 2 ponds.

The construction has 3 sections serving military operations, residences and material storages. The construction was completed with the architectural techniques of hill splitting, injection molding and backfilling, and is believed to have been the most successful military works in Asia in terms of size, structure and function. The fortification was consecutively used by German, Japanese and American troops. After the liberation of the People’s Republic of China, the construction was once used by the Chinese navy and now it is open to the public.

Ruins of emplacements Pictures of historical events are on display, vividly showing visitors the history of Qingdao over the past 100 years.

Former German underground headquarters

No.i Xing’an Brand Road, Qingdao.

At Qidong Road stop by 1、25、307、367、225、221、217 bus

Tel: 0532-82964594

Ruins of emplacements No. 26 Qingdao Jingshan Road

At Dongwuyuan stop by15、302、604、219 bus

Tel: 0532-82966624

Contact:Ma Guoying Tel:82866672 13853257888

Former site of Mount Qingdao BatteryFort
Former site of Mount Qingdao BatteryFort