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Red Collar Group Profile

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Red Collar Group Profile

Red Collar factory was set up in the year of 1987 and became a group company in 1995. Red Collar Group specializes in clothes manufacturing and brand marketing. It presently has 5,700 employees and four brands which are CAMEO, RED COLLAR, RCOLLAR, and COLLECTROUGE. Red Collar Group is a partner of the Chinese Olympic Committee and also a sole supporting enterprise for the 28th Olympic Games.

Red Collar Group has been focusing on branding and marketing. Now, it has two main markets: one is the retail and top-rank bespoke uniform market; the other is the make to measure (MTM) market. For the US market, we mainly develop the MTM business.

At present, there are 2,700 workers that are specially engaged in MTM business in Red Collar Group. In the year of 2013, the quantity of MTM products will increase to 30 million sets/pieces per year. The top-end MTM business in Red Collar Group has some features as follows:

l         High quality: With twenty years' history of professional manufacturing of men’s wear, Red Collar Group could provide all kinds of top-rank men's formal wear such as the handmade, semi-handmade, full canvas and half canvas suits.

l         Rapid response: Red Collar Group has invested 30 million RMB setting up ERP system and database which covers more than 10 million sizes for men's suits and more than 5 million sizes for men's shirts. This will cover ninety-nine percent of all components. At the same time, we authorize our customer login in our ERP system to reserve fabrics, trimmings, delivery date and submit orders, wherever the customer is in the world. It will not only save time but also shorten the distance between us, with high efficiency.

l         Individualization: Individualization is Red Collar’s absolute advantage. Almost ten years experience in practice proves that we have enough ability and experience to satisfy the individual requests of the US market.

l         The most competitive price: Red Collar Group owns the most professional, the most effective, and the most advanced and biggest factory for MTM business. Red Collar Group owns a unique MTM ERP system and database. Red Collar Group has geared to rapid response and full of innovative minds. All of these ensure our most competitive price.

Based on years' of experience and mass market research, we are confident to invest in the US market. Red Collar group plans to set up a market developing company in the US which will include the function of warehouse, logistic, research and design, branding, marketing, training of sales team, and service. We are going to invest five million dollars at first, and the total budget will be twenty millions. Our investment could not only provide MTM products at the most attractive price and best quality to American customers, but also create thousands of employment opportunities directly and indirectly, which will also bring considerable tax revenue for the local government.

Contact:Zhang Lanlan Tel:13310678368

          Zhao Chenggao Tel:13310678215