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From humble beginning to high-tech textile manufacturer| Updated: May 29, 2024

Qingdao Haijia Machinery Co Ltd, located in Qingdao West Coast New Area, has transitioned from a traditional family workshop to a leading innovative intelligent manufacturing enterprise.

The company launched China's top-notch high-end intelligent manufacturing facility for shuttleless looms, positioning itself as a respected brand in the global textile machinery industry.

With nearly 30 years of exploration, Haijia boasts a portfolio of over 100 proprietary intellectual properties and has filed for more than 40 new invention patents. It operates an intelligent production line capable of processing over 50 types of high-precision textile components concurrently. Its top-tier shuttleless water jet looms have been exported to various countries, including Japan, India, Vietnam, Turkey, and Indonesia.


The factory of Qingdao Haijia Machinery Co Ltd bustles with activity. [Photo/Xihaian News]

In 2009, Haijia established a research and development department to commence independent innovation. The company recruited industry experts in the weaving machine domain to lead new product development and enhancements. Annual research and development spending peaked at 4 percent of sales revenue.

In 2023, Haijia's independently engineered water jet looms, with complete proprietary intellectual property rights, achieved a revolutionary breakthrough by enabling water jet and air jet production on a unified platform.

The cumulative global sales of Haijia's water jet looms have surpassed 110,000 units, commanding a 20 percent market share worldwide. Every year for a decade, it has clinched the title of the world's premier water jet loom producer, evolving as the unacknowledged leader in the sector.