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Virtual rehearsal technology powers film studio in Qingdao| Updated: May 15, 2024

Qingdao West Coast New Area (Qingdao WCNA) is home to almost 1,000 film and television companies and has played host to more than 300 film crews. The area has overseen 380 projects, generating over 31.1 billion yuan ($4.31 billion) in box office revenue. The West Zone Studio, established in January 2018 in Qingdao WCNA, is a vibrant hub of cinematic innovation.


An employee at the Qingdao Film and Television Base works on film and television scenes. [Photo/Xihaian News]

Renowned for its exceptional art design and extensive prop library containing a diverse array of props, the West Zone Studio has become a popular prop rental destination for numerous film crews at the Qingdao Film and Television Base. However, founder Zhang Mingkai hopes to expand the studio's services beyond traditional boundaries by integrating the unreal engine – a virtual rehearsal technology – into film production.

The studio aims to enhance efficiency and reduce time and labor costs by combining the unreal engine with motion capture systems. This integration streamlines the design, planning, and post-production processes, promoting a smooth collaboration between post-production companies and art design.

Zhang Mingkai's forward-thinking approach, rooted in his belief in the eventual prominence of unreal engine technology in the domestic film industry, exemplifies the studio's commitment to exploring cutting-edge creative avenues. Through real-time pre-visualization videos, close cooperation between motion capture systems and UE5, and meticulous planning of major scenes, the West Zone Studio is paving the way for a dynamic and immersive filmmaking experience.