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Qingdao WCNA promotes itself in Beijing| Updated: April 19, 2024


Qingdao WCNA in Shandong holds a promotional event in Beijing on April 18. [Photo provided to]

Qingdao West Coast New Area (Qingdao WCNA) in Shandong held a promotional event in Beijing on April 18. More than 80 key central enterprises gathered to discuss new models for coordinated development, explore new cooperation opportunities, and create a new model of cooperation in the Qingdao WCNA.

The event will promote higher-level, broader, and deeper strategic cooperation between the Qingdao WCNA and central enterprises.

During the meeting, the Qingdao WCNA focused on promoting its advantages in terms of location, functional platforms, key industries, professional parks for emerging industries, and key urban renewal projects.

As the ninth national-level new area approved by the State Council in June 2014, the Qingdao WCNA is responsible for national strategies such as developing the marine economy, building a pilot free trade zone, and improving institutional mechanisms.

After a decade of development, the area's regional GDP has surpassed 500 billion yuan. It has engaged in deep cooperation with 52 central enterprises and has developed 164 key projects, including the Qingdao Cosmopolitan Exposition International Convention Center.

Qingdao WCNA has developed into a vibrant and dynamic area, a land of unlimited development potential, and a model for integrated development between the central and local governments.

Representatives from central and State-owned enterprises said that this event gives central enterprises a more comprehensive understanding of and familiarity with the Qingdao WCNA, further consolidates consensus between central enterprises and local governments, and enhances the willingness of central enterprises to invest and develop in the new area.