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International students celebrate Lantern Festival in Qingdao| Updated: February 27, 2024

International students gathered at the international talent community in the Qingdao Area of the China (Shandong) Pilot Free Trade Zone on Feb 23 to celebrate the Lantern Festival.


Expats showcase their handmade dragon-shaped lantern. [Photo/Xihaian Media]

The event saw 32 international students from China University of Petroleum (East China) and Shandong University of Science and Technology participating in various activities.

Students made tangyuan — glutinous rice balls — and crafted lanterns symbolizing the Year of the Dragon. "The dragon is a symbol of Chinese culture. According to Chinese customs, I was born in the Year of the Dragon. I made a dragon lantern during the Dragon Year, so I'm confident this will be a lucky year for me," said Lee Jiawen from Malaysia.

A riddle-guessing activity, a Lantern Festival tradition, added to the festive spirit, with international students eagerly participating and winning prizes. That night, the students visited the Golden Beach Beer City, capturing the essence of Chinese culture through photographs.

"I'm very happy I had the chance to participate in this event today. I met many friends from different countries and experienced traditional Chinese culture. I hope to have more opportunities to participate in similar activities in the future," said Laura Castillo from Mexico.

The international talent community plans to host a series of events for international students in Qingdao, including activities like Chinese medicine culture exchange and events celebrating Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival.


An international student learns how to make rice dumplings in Qingdao West Coast New Area. [Photo/Xihaian Media]