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Qingdao FTZ launches joint work station for intellectual property| Updated: January 5, 2024

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The inauguration ceremony for the work station takes place in the Qingdao FTZ on Dec 28, 2023. [Photo/WeChat ID: qingdaozimao]

The Qingdao Area of the China (Shandong) Pilot Free Trade Zone (Qingdao FTZ) recently unveiled a joint work station for intellectual property that would bring together overseas and Chinese experts.

The ceremony, held on Dec 28, 2023, was attended by officials from various departments and key industry players.

As a testing ground for reform and opening-up, the Qingdao FTZ plays a vital role in promoting institutional innovation and industrial development. The establishment of the work station is expected to drive innovation, protect intellectual property rights, and foster the growth of enterprises in the region.

The workstation will also serve as a platform for global strategic development advice and precise protection services. Over 60 experts from seven countries are already a part of the initiative.

The workstation will operate both offline and online. The physical site will have a "domestic reception hall for intellectual property" that provides guidance and support. The online site will have an "international service hall for intellectual property" that allows companies to engage in real-time consultations with Chinese and overseas experts.

By gathering demands, matching experts, and providing personalized guidance, the workstation aims to help companies enhance international competitiveness and strengthen awareness and capabilities in preventing overseas intellectual property risks.