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German manager impressed by China's remarkable progress| Updated: January 4, 2024

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Having resided in China for over two decades, Kerstin Kaehler, general manager of the German Enterprise Centre Qingdao, is profoundly impressed by the nation's remarkable progress, attributing it to China's openness to new knowledge, ideas and international collaboration.

"I don't think China could have been as successful as it has been in its progress without the Chinese people's adaptability and pragmatic approach to new technology," Kaehler says.

Over the past seven years she has spent in Qingdao, Kaehler has had the opportunity to witness China's growing environmental consciousness and its unwavering commitment to its sustainability goals.

"The ecological aspect of things is really a large part of the development of the West Coast New Area," she says.

Running an office building in the Sino-German Ecopark, Kaehler and her team play a vital role in fostering connections between German and Chinese businesses. They support German and foreign companies who come here by sharing the network they have built locally. They also support Chinese companies if they are interested in entering the German market.

Watch the video to find out more.