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CEO of Siempelkamp Qingdao applauds China's business potential| Updated: December 29, 2023

Kosta Karakolidis, CEO of Siempelkamp Qingdao, has found China a nation teeming with boundless opportunities for business development. With its vast population and an ever-expanding market, the country epitomizes modern economic potential.

Karakolidis marvels at China's awe-inspiring transformation over the past two decades, on both societal and industrial levels. He hails the incredible speed at which infrastructure projects, such as highways, are completed, transforming the country into "a high-tech nation, especially with regard to infrastructure".

Speaking of Siempelkamp's upcoming developments, Karakolidis discloses the company's imminent launch of its stage four project and the localization of its production lines. This move exemplifies China's transition from low-tech to high-tech manufacturing.

China beckons as a land brimming with innovation and opportunities, and Karakolidis's advice to those seeking business growth in this dynamic country is straightforward: "Just come!"

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