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WCNA demonstrates capability in rocket component manufacturing| Updated: December 4, 2023

The first domestic production line for liquid rocket cryogenic storage tanks, or HOETS, recently commenced operations.

Located in the Qingdao West Coast New Area (Qingdao WCNA), Qingdao city, East China's Shandong province, the HOETS production line, which was developed by Qingdao Spacee-tech Co Ltd, is specifically designed to manufacture tanks that have a diameter of less than five meters and a length of less than 32 meters.

It is capable of mass-producing these tanks and can work with various high-strength aluminum alloy materials for tank structures.

This achievement signifies a significant advancement in the domestic commercial rocket industry, as it fills the gap in high-end manufacturing of structural systems.

Once the project enters regular production, it will be able to manufacture cryogenic storage tanks for 20 rockets, showcasing its cutting-edge technology in this industry.