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Film, TV week concludes in Qingdao WCNA| Updated: April 10, 2023

The closing ceremony of the 2013 Qingdao Film and TV Week was held in Qingdao West Coast New area (Qingdao WCNA) on April 9. At the event, the fruitful results yielded during the week were showcased, and the Gold Seagull film exhibition also displayed many top-notch films.

Themed on "new technology, new vision and the new film metropolis", the film week consisted of five modules, including "the future of sci-fi film" and "the capital of film", and held a total of 19 activities.

During "the future of sci-fi film", such activities as themed discussions and innovative video making competitions were held to plow into technology and film making, and the industrialization of China's film and TV sector.

During "the capital of film", the Annual Report on Development of Global Film Industry (2022) was released, and 18 great films were screened in local cinemas for locals.

As more than 800 industry practitioners and around 500 film enterprises gathered at the event, there were 11 key projects signed during the week, and a total of 23.13 million yuan ($3.36 million) of subsidies were given to enterprises in the film industry for their contributions to Qingdao's film indsutry.

At the same time, the third edition of the Gold Seagull film exhibition was held during the closing ceremony. A total of 20 film industry employees working in such fields as video editing, sound effects and photography were highly praised by reputed professionals for their excellent skills and dedication.

It is worth to mentioning that the event was hosted by a virtual actor.


The closing ceremony of the 2013 Qingdao Film and TV Week is held in Qingdao West Coast New area on April 9. [Photo/WeChat account: qdxihaianfabu]