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Tag Art Museum among top 10 art organizations of the year

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: May 27, 2022


Tag Art Museum is located on the southern bank of Tangdao Bay, and includes a 17,000-square-meter main building, 12 interconnected exhibition halls built by the sea, as well as 80,000 square meters of outdoor gardens. [Photo/WeChat ID: qdxihaianfabu]

Qingdao-based Tag Art Museum won the 13th Golden Star Award for Chinese Artists for top 10 art organizations of the year, according to National Arts magazine.

The award focuses on wonderful performances of artists, curators, art collectors, art institutions, art exhibitions and other fields, and promotes the highlights of the Chinese art circle.

Designed by famed French architect Jean Nouvel, Tag Art Museum is located in an international comprehensive art community in Qingdao West Coast New Area.

After nearly 10 years of planning, design and construction, Tag Art Museum officially opened to the public on Aug 12, 2021 and staged its first exhibition Beyond which was curated by Fan Di'an, chairman of the China Artists Association and president of the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) and Zhang Zikang, director of CAFA Art Museum.

The exhibition, which ran until January 6, featured works by 14 notable contemporary artists including Alex Katz, Anish Kapoor, Bill Viola, Liu Xiaodong, Song Dong, and Xu Bing. The majority of the pieces debuted in China at the exhibition, while others were custom-made for the show by the artists.

During the show, the museum hosted a number of art events, including academic lectures given by participating artists, aesthetic education courses for children, aesthetic sharing courses for adults, and free Open Days for local residents.

Beyond served as the museum's manifesto as well as the opening exhibition, demonstrating self-transcendence in the world of art time and time again.

Tag Art Museum will have a greater emphasis on integrating with local elements, displaying more forms and content that are strongly tied to the city, ocean, and environment.

The TAG Sailing - New Contemporary Art Exhibition, which is currently on display at the museum, is a sustainable art initiative that supports young artists by providing a venue for them to promote their works.

This year, the museum will host large-scale exhibitions such as Ding Yi's solo exhibition and Liu Shangying's solo exhibition, which will span a variety of art forms including painting, installation, sculpture, photography, video images, and documents.


At Tag Art Museum's inaugural exhibition Beyond, a work of art is on display. [Photo/WeChat ID: qdxihaianfabu]