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Qingdao Qianwan Free Trade Port Zone| Updated: November 11, 2021


Qingdao Qianwan Free Trade Port Zone [Photo/IC]

Qingdao Qianwan Free Trade Port Zone was established on Sept 7, 2008 by the State Council, and was transformed from the Qingdao Free Trade Zone and Qingdao Bonded Logistics Park to the adjacent ports. 

The area has 21 berths constructed, and the policies of "bonded, tax-free, and exempt from certificates". It has international logistics, international trade, trading market, bonded processing, terminal operations, shipping services, research and development and corporate headquarters, testing and after-sales service and other functions. 

Qingdao Qianwan Free Trade Port Zone aims to transform the functions of the government, deepen the reform of the investment sector, promote the transformation and upgrading of trade, deepen the opening up and innovation in the financial sector, and develop the marine economy with high quality. It will give full play to the functional policy advantages and take international trade and modern logistics as the leading industries. It will conduct parallel automobile imports, cross-border E-commerce, bonded warehousing, international transit consolidation, commodity trade and futures bonded delivery.