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Policies for optimizing immigration services

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: October 19, 2021

High-level foreign talents who meet the relevant requirements can apply for an R visa that allows them to stay in Jinan for 180 days at a time. They can also apply for a foreign residence certificate that is valid for two to five years.

Emergency business activities such as outbound meetings, negotiations and contract signing will be included in the scope of the green channels. Procedures for business enterprises going to Hong Kong and Macao will be simplified.

A visa emergency channel has been established to shorten the time for visa processing.

Foreign talents who need to enter China urgently but are unable to apply for R or F visas in Chinese visa agencies abroad can directly apply for R or F temporary visas to enter China (within 30 days). The confirmation letter or invitation letter should be issued by the science and technology (foreign expert) departments. After entry, they can extend their stay according to the regulations.