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Qingdao to build 7 metro lines by 2026| Updated: September 7, 2021


A layout of the construction plan for the third phase of Qingdao's rail transit (2021-26). [Photo/]

The construction plan for the third phase of Qingdao's rail transit (2021-26) was recently approved by the National Development and Reform Commission.

The plan consisted of seven projects, including the construction of new lines such as line 5, the first phases of lines 9 and 15, and the completion of existing lines such as the second phase of line 1, line 6, and line 7 and the branch line of line 8.

According to the plan, during the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-25) period, with an estimated total investment of 98.07 billion yuan ($15.18 billion), the rail transit network in Qingdao will be extended by 139 kilometers to 370.7 km.

The urban rail system will cover the downtown area, Laoshan district, Chengyang district, Jimo district, the West Coast New Area, and Jiaozhou. A smart maintenance center will also be built with an investment of 400 million yuan.

The 8.9-km second phase of metro line 2 will start from the Licun Park Station and extend to the World Expo Station.

The 32.7-km line 5 will start from Maidao Station and end at Yunling Road Station.

The 14.7-km second phase of line 6 will start from Xintun Road Station and end at Qingxi Station in the West Coast Transportation and Business District.

The 12.8-km second phase (north section) of line 7 will start at Dongguozhuang Station and end at Yingpu Road Station. Its 3.7-km south section will start at Xingguo Road Station and extend to Cangkou Station.

The 18.8-km branch line of line 8 will start at Dajian Station and end at Luzhou Road Station.

The 16.6-km first phase of line 9 will start at Haixi Village Station and end at the Power Supply Station.

The 30.8-km first phase of line 15 will start at Xiawangbu Station and end at Sifang Factory Station.