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Ocean University of China empowers Qingdao's marine development

( | 2024-06-14


Qingdao in Shandong province is uniquely suited to developing marine industries. [Photo/WeChat account: opinionline]

The Second Qingdao Ocean and Development Conference was held in Qingdao on June 12, gathering over 500 people to discuss the future of Qingdao's marine development.

The conference's aim was to gather high-quality resources from government, industry, academia, and research sectors, and deepen cooperation between Ocean University of China (OUC), which celebrated its 100th anniversary this year, and local communities and enterprises.

During the conference, a four-year action plan for OUC to advance Shandong's high-quality development (2024-28) was released, which is intended to support the high-quality economic and social development of Shandong and Qingdao and better serve the province's construction into a maritime power.

Deng Yunfeng, vice-governor of Shandong, said at the conference that Shandong province is home to an abundance of marine resources. In recent years, it has been stepping up efforts to become a maritime power.

Deng expressed his hope that all parties will share advantageous resources, focus on collaborative efforts, and join hands to provide strong support for accelerating the establishment of a modern marine economic development hub in Shandong.

Zhao Haozhi, mayor of Qingdao, said that the city's greatest advantage lies in its marine research capabilities. Qingdao has long emphasized cooperation with marine-related universities and research institutions, adhering to a path of innovative development.

The city's capacity for marine innovation has continued to grow, the marine industry has accelerated its development, and significant achievements have been made in the construction of a modern marine city, according to Zhao.

He added that Qingdao will accelerate the construction of a more competitive marine industrial cluster, support the rapid development of marine-related universities and research institutions in Qingdao, and promote practical cooperation with well-known domestic and international enterprises, universities, and research institutions.