Laoshan green tea makes debut in global market

( | 2022-02-28

Recently, a batch of 1,750 kilograms Laoshan green tea inspected and released by Jimo customs in Qingdao in Shandong province entered the United Arab Emirates. This marked the first time for Laoshan green tea to go abroad and enter the international market.

Laoshan green tea is a national geographical indication protected product. Although it enjoys a high reputation in China, it had never entered the international consumer market.

"The planting area of Laoshan tea in Qingdao is about 1,333 hectares, with an annual output of about 1,200 metric tons. The domestic market is in short supply, and the output is one of the most important factors restricting the export of Laoshan green tea," said Meng Qingbiao, a senior researcher from the Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

The international market for tea safety and quality requirements continue to improve, and pesticide residues standards continue to upgrade, which all obstruct the export of Laoshan green tea, Meng added.


Officials from Jimo customs inspect a Laoshan green tea planting base in Jimo district, Qingdao. [Photo/Dazhong News]

In recent years, with the acceleration of Qingdao's internationalization process and the increasingly close international exchanges, Laoshan green tea is gradually becoming known to foreign merchants.

"According to customers' requirements, we crush the raw green tea leaves into pieces of about one millimeter and pack them into tea bags for export," said Jiang Huaxiao, manager of Qingdao Aohaiwan Tea Co.

"Customs helped us solve problems such as tea classification and origin, and our whole declaration and customs clearance process went smoothly," Jiang said. 

"If this shipment of Laoshan green tea is well received, we will continue to receive overseas orders," added Jiang.