All you need to know on Qingdao's support for resuming full production

( | 2020-02-13

Businesses in Qingdao city in eastern Shandong province resumed full production on Jan 10 after the Lunar New Year holiday that was extended due to the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, local officials said.

The coastal city has introduced a slew of supportive policies to boost development of local enterprises in this challenging time.

In this article, we have outlined the relevant policies issued by the city covering employment, tax, rent, financing and other aspects -- as well as the contact information of different government departments.


1.     Assistance

Qingdao has proposed returning half the unemployment insurance premiums paid in the previous year to companies which have no or few layoffs.

For enterprises facing temporary difficulties in production and operation and which expect to recover, the refund standard shall be raised to 50 percent of the social insurance premiums paid by enterprises in the previous six months.

For detailed information you can contact related departments:  

Employment assistance office of Qingdao career service center

0532-83668928; 0532-83660517

Qingdao healthcare security administration


Social security department of Qingdao municipal finance bureau


2.     Delaying payments of social insurance premiums

Qingdao allows enterprises to apply for a delay in their payments of social insurance premiums, if an enterprise  is unable to pay the minimum wage to its employees for more than three consecutive months, or it is unable to conduct normal production and operations for more than three months and only pays living expenses to its employees.

For detailed information you can contact related departments. 

Endowment insurance office of Qingdao municipal bureau of human resources and social security


Benefit protection office of Qingdao municipal medical insurance bureau


3.      More online recruitment platforms

The Qingdao government also encourages enterprises to use more channels to post recruitment information, to ease labor shortages.

Employers can log onto the Qingdao Employment Network ( or the Qingdao enterprise service platform ( to access the recruitment information.

For more information or assistance, you can contact related departments.  

Qingdao career service center


Qingdao public service center for small and medium-sized enterprises


4.      Solving difficulties of catering enterprises

The city has also undertaken measures to relieve the difficulties experienced by catering enterprises hard-hit by the epidemic.

For more information or assistance, contact related departments.

Qindao municipal bureau of commerce

0532-85911148; 0532-85918170

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