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Qingdao bolsters industrial internet development

( | 2021-10-19

The eastern coastal hub of Qingdao, Shandong province has been promoting industrial internet development in recent years. The city has cultivated a large number of industrial internet platforms, realizing the integration of all links of the industrial chain and supply chain, such as equipment, production lines, factories, as well as suppliers, local media reported.


Qingdao, Shandong province [Photo provided to]

COSMOPlat, Haier's industrial internet platform, is a large-scale customization platform that allows users to engage in the industrial process across 15 vertical industries, including manufacturing, agriculture, clothing, as well as culture and tourism. A vertical industry refers to a group of companies focusing on a shared niche or specialized market spanning a number of industries.

As one of the first enterprises to explore the industrial internet in China, Haier began to focus on industrial transformation through smart manufacturing, which it first practiced in 2012. In 2017, Haier built COSMOPlat, with China's independent intellectual property rights and with mass customization as the core.

To date, there have been 96 industrial internet platform projects in Qingdao, of which 23 of them are national, provincial, and municipal demonstration platforms.

In the rubber industry, there have been pain points like complex manufacturing processes, lack of information exchange between upstream and downstream resources, difficult digital transformation, as well as a high threshold of iterative innovation.

After nearly 20 years of iterative research and development, Sailun Group in Qingdao launched the "Eco-Rubber Cloud" industrial internet platform last year. At present, it has formed 29 sets of mature products and more than 50 sets of mature industrial solutions. More than 3,000 suppliers, more than 2,000 channels, and over 60,000 stores from all over the world have been connected to the platform.

From Oct 26 to 27, the annual World Industrial Internet Conference will be held in Qingdao. In-depth visits to the national industrial internet platform in Qingdao, the new model development forum on industrial internet platforms, as well as numerous other relevant special forums and project match-making activities will be held during the conference.