( | 2021-02-17


Situated on the west of Qingdao, it was one of the five major trading ports in China, the only one north of the Yangtze River during the Tang and Song dynasties and a crucial joint of Maritime Silk Road, winning her the reputation of “Golden Jiaozhou”. 

With a total area of 1,324 square kilometers, Jiaozhou is where Jiaodong International Airport, which is under construction, is located. Jiaozhou will promote the construction of four nation level platforms, namely national development zone, national airport economy demonstration zone, Euro-Asia trade cooperation industrial park and national model logistic park, together with that of Dagu River provincial tourist resort as a whole.

It will spare no effort in the construction of three systems and one environment, namely, the innovation system of economic development, social credit system, modern social governance system and the high performance sincere and incorruptible business environment for the city to quickly turn into a habitable place of happiness.