( | 2021-02-17


Shibei district locates in the center of the urban area and covers an area of 65.4 square kilometer. It has various historical and cultural blocks like Huangtai Road and Guantao Road and over 20 culture relics including Qingdao Hill WWI battery ruins and Qingdao Beer Museum. It is also a national harmonious community model district and a trial plot for community governance and service innovation. 

Centering on the “Five Centers” of bay area modern service center, advanced intelligence industry center, etc., Shibei district put emphasis, in its planning work, on the construction of “Six Innovation Carriers” including national rubber material and equipment technology innovation center, cloud computing & big data industry park, and health industry park. Meanwhile, it builds “Three Model Areas” that focus on history and culture memory, city-industry integration and innovation resource gathering.

The district strives to build a first class international cruise port whose investment is over one hundred billion yuan to turn itself into a core zone of a livable and innovative international city.