( | 2021-02-17


Licang district in the northern urban area covers an area of 98 square kilometers. Centered on the objective to build itself into an innovative and garden downtown district that fits for work, living, health and mood, Licang District stimulates the impetus of reform, openness and innovation by reinforcing its support to talents, science and technology. 

It establishes the “4+N” industry system led by network information, new finance, design R&D, screen culture, and supported by bio-medicine, new energy, new materials and high end equipment manufacturing. It has successfully established a highland of top talents and high-end industries by building Qingdao International Academician Park and recruiting academicians from all over the world to conduct science research and industry achievement transformation.

Licang district is also where projects including the first joint innovation center of Amazon AWS, which is the largest cloud service provider in the world, the first innovation center of Baidu, which is the largest Chinese search engine, in Shandong, the first overseas academician workstation of Western Returned Scholars Association in China, Qingdao North Railway Station, a level one junction station in the national railway network and the International Horticultural Exposition Park are located.