( | 2021-02-17


Situated on the southeast of urban Qingdao, Laoshan district has an area of 395 square kilometers, and a coastline of 103 kilometers. It possesses one 5A national tourist attraction and three 4A tourist attractions. 

The district promotes the construction of Jinjialing Financial Cluster, Qingdao Central Innovation Zone, Laoshan National Park and Laoshan Bay International Eco-health Town. It has made the “future industry” incubation program that puts efforts in the revitalization of real economy and promotes strategic emerging industries of intelligence industry, smart manufacturing, biomedicine, new energy, new material and VR, etc.

It is promoting the construction of Laoshan Bay International Eco-health Town to develop health-related industries with a focus on health technology innovation, high-end international medical treatment, and health care recreation. 

Adhering to the philosophy that the whole of Laoshan is scenic, the district further advances the full involvement of mountain and sea strategy to promote the integration of tourism and culture creativity, general aviation, high-end business and urban agriculture to build Laoshan into a modern new town featuring with mountain and sea that fits for both work and living.