Qingdao strengthens public communication

( | 2020-07-28

The eastern coastal city of Qingdao, Shandong province has launched a campaign to strengthen communication with the public in an effort to better serve the people.

The city has expanded channels for public feedback, offering hotlines run by mayoral offices, governors' e-mail addresses, online complaint centers, and special columns and message boards on media outlets.


The eastern coastal city of Qingdao, Shandong province [Photo provided to]

Every department also has its own channel for dealing with public complaints and suggestions, according to local authorities, who added that they are also required to offer timely response to public feedback.

The campaign started on March 5.

Wang Qingxian, Party secretary of Qingdao, said that public opinions and feedback should be seen as precious resource for public administrators to heed and respond to.

Listening to opinions from the public is a great way for the government to better serve the people, and local officials should receive public opinion graciously, respond to feedback, work to solve social issues, and serve the public effectively, said Wang.

According to official data, the 12345 platform, an online channel for public feedback that includes a mobile phone app, a WeChat account, and a 24-hour hotline, receives 12,000 appeals from the public every day, 97.7 percent of which receive a response.

Local media outlets such as Qingdao Daily and the Qingdao Broadcasting and TV Station have exposed 2,467 problems, and a number of long-standing issues have been properly solved, improving public satisfaction.

"I called the hotline 12345 to report a dysfunctional elevator and the nonfeasance of community property management," said one local citizen.

"The local sub-district office helped negotiate with the property management company and now the elevator has been repaired."

Qingdao also launched a series of activities to promote its channels for public feedback and its public policies.