Notice on Testing and Quarantine for Inbound Travelers at Qingdao Liuting International Airport


According to China's requirements on COVID-19 control and to effectively prevent the importation of COVID-19 cases and ensure the safety and health of people at home and abroad, we request that you heed the following information:

1. As of 00:00 on March 20, inbound travelers from all countries and regions entering China via Qingdao airport whose final destination is in Shandong, and persons who entered China via other ports of entry less than 14 days ago with a final destination in Shandong are all subject to 14 days of quarantine in officially designated places at the traveler's own expense.   

2. Inbound travelers at Qingdao airport who are found to have fever or respiratory symptoms during screening shall be sent by emergency medical staff to a designated hospital for further testing and treatment and shall be put under quarantine for 14 days. Their close contacts shall also be sent to a designated hotel for 14 days of medical observation.  

3. Inbound travelers requiring group quarantine shall be accommodated by districts and county-level cities of Qingdao in turns. Inbound travelers whose destination is another city in Shandong shall be picked up and transported by COVID-19 control staff from the destination city. If such pick-up is not possible at the moment, the traveler will be quarantined in Qingdao. Travelers bound for other provinces who show no symptoms and who have not been in contact with a person suspected of infection may proceed to fly to their destination after passing the risk assessment and screening test.   

4. Screening will be carried out by customs after landing at the airport. Due to a large number of international arrivals currently at the Qingdao Liuting International Airport, there may be a long wait (about four to six hours) for screening and for claiming luggage during peak hours. Your understanding and patience is appreciated. We are sorry that meals cannot be provided, but the airport has prepared drinking water and snacks.

5. During the screening and quarantine process, you may be required to undergo sampling tests. Thank you for your cooperation.

6. Those who refuse to accept medical monitoring, conceal or give false information about illness, go out without a permit, or who wantonly risk spreading the virus will be investigated according to the law.

Please scan the QR code below to register your information in the Information Registration System for Inbound Travelers Arriving at the Airport.

Qingdao Headquarters for Prevention and Control of COVID-19

                                                March 2020