Qingdao maintains commerce, investment amid epidemic

( | 2020-02-05

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The eastern coastal city of Qingdao [Photo/]

The coastal city of Qingdao, East China's Shandong province announced that it will continue to maintain its trade and investment cooperation via noncontact means even while it fights against the novel coronavirus outbreak.  

The Qingdao municipal bureau of commerce released a letter entitled "Qingdao: we are waiting for you online" on Feb 4 to express the city's intention to promote its business cooperation with companies from across the world.  

The letter says that some noncontact means such as phone calls, video calls and emails will be used to help reach business exchanges and maintain cooperation. 

If face-to-face communication is necessary, a Qingdao business delegation is prepared to meet under safe conditions. 

Officials said the city's good business environment and online resources have helped strengthen cooperation with enterprises in the current situation.  

The world's largest container ship recently departed Qingdao port carrying nearly 10,000 boxes of export goods, and a high-end chip packaging project confirmed by phone on the first day of the Chinese Lunar New Year that it will settle in Qingdao.  

A world-renowned container manufacturer is making plans to expand its factory based on information provided by Qingdao online, while avionics companies in the United States have exchanged investment environment information with Qingdao via email. 

The Qingdao business delegation also expressed their intention of traveling to Russia to exchange views with the economic sectors of its 14 states in due course.  

The Qingdao government is making continuous efforts to prevent and control the outbreak of novel coronavirus and also hopes to maintain trade and investment cooperation in this special period.    

Qingdao 24 hour investment hotlines:

0086-19853220206 (Chinese)

0086-19853220207 (English)

0086-19853220208 (Japanese)

0086-19853220209 (Korean)