Brewing for high quality

( ) | 2018-10-22

Recently, the event of "dialogue between Chinese workmen and the world -- a ceremony in honor of workmanship of China 2018" was held in Beijing. The Tsingtao Brewery won "the year's brand of workmanship" for its concentration on brewing incredible beers for 115 years.

"All the staffs of Tsingtao Brewery, from the workshops to the technical departments, deserve to be known as the advancers of our time, who are assiduously devoted to their careers with the spirit of workmanship," said Song ganshu, president of the Beijing News.

The sparkling spirit of craftsmanship has been written into the government work report to promote the strategy of raising China's manufacturing power. The quality revolution of "Made in China" relies on continuous pursuit for excellence, while lifting manufacturing power depends on great workers. In another words, the nation is calling for such spirit of workmanship, it's at the core of the whole manufacturing industry.

"The brewery of beer studies two things: temperature and time, and here we master both on a whole new level", said a brewer from Tsingtao Brewery. "Mother nature brings us barley, lupulus, water and yeast and with it we bring people nice beer."

Every year, 15 brewers from the Tsingtao Brewery are sent to Doemens Bear Academy of Germany for advanced brewery courses. They will be part of the 140 graduates from this 123-year-old ideal institution for brewers, who are entitled as the best brewers in the world. 

Werner Glarosner, executive dean of Doemens Bear Academy once praised these Chinese brewers' spirits of workmanship, "They've brewed really nice beers."

With a sales volume of at least 150,000 crates per year, Tsingtao Brewery has maintained his fame of "high quality for high price" in German, "the home of beer", where every town has a brewhouse, selling over 5,000 types of beer. It has stretched its 70 years' export business to over 100 countries and areas around the world and obtained a brand value of over 145 billion yuan ($20.98 billion).


A poster for Tsingtao Beer. [Photo provided to]


Brewers of the Tsingtao Brewery do brewing technology research. [Photo provided to]