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'New areas' established in China over the years

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Updated: 2017-04-11

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'New areas' established in China over the years

The cultural square, with a library, an exhibition center, a theater and a leisure square is a landmark in Jinpu New Area, Dalian, in Liaoning province. [Photo provided to China Daily]

8. Jinpu New Area

The central government approved the setting up of Jinpu New Area in 2014. As the forefront of the reform and opening-up policy in Dalian, a series of functional zones has been established in the district, including an exports processing zone, national tourist resort, tariff-free zone and bonded port area.

The government's strategy positioned Jinpu New Area as a strategic site for cooperation within the northeast Asian area, and a growth engine that will lead Northeast China to revitalization. It is also seen as a frontier for the transformation of development modes for old industrial bases, a demonstration area of institutional and independent innovation, a leader in new-type urbanization and urban-rural development, as well as an international shipping center and logistics center in Northeast Asia.